inspired is a gpsl for poc characters set in new york city. like many comms before us, all characters here will be based on disney characters including marvel and star wars. they will not be reincarnations or cursed fairy tale characters transported to the real world a la enchanted or once upon a time; think of your claims as premade titles to use as a springboard for your own original characters. furthermore we noticed that a recurring issue with these comms in the past is that that characters inevitably skew white because of the characters that are available from the canon. this is in addition to the difficulty many writers have attempting to play poc at any average town comm without being ignored or ironically written off as being cliquey. to even the playing field and give everyone the opportunity to pb any poc they want as any princess, prince, villain, or cute animal sidekick they want, we will only be accepting pbs that are poc. of course we understand this won't be the comm that everyone wants but we hope to provide a fun and welcoming home for the people who do. if you are dying to write a white character we aren't here to stop you from taking them to any other comm out there.

all of the normal rules of rp apply. we encourage ic drama and hope that you won't want to keep all of your private or locked away in customs, but with that we expect everyone to know how to separate ic and ooc drama. bullying in any form will not be tolerated and evidence of blurring the ic/ooc line will result in removal from the community. we don't expect everyone to click as best friends ic but we strongly encourage you to put thought into your interactions, reply to comments left on your posts, avoid one word responses and in general just make an effort.

we want to make applying as simple as possible so all you'll need is an ic-style journal with a short character blurb or facts, an ic fo post, and an ooc screened post. since we're not asking for bios acceptance will be based on your examples so give us your best, whatever that means for you. if your application is deleted it's either because you didn't follow the listed guidelines or we didn't think your examples showed you'd be a good fit for the gpsl. we'll comment you if we see something minor that can easily be fixed, but otherwise we won't be responding to comments about rejections.

once you've been accepted, you'll have 48 hours to post an introduction into our main community. after that, update checks will be once a month on the last day of the month. if you are added after the 15th of the month, you won't have to update until the following month. we're not putting any limitations on what an update can consist of as long as it shows that some kind of effort was put into it - obviously we'd rather see narratives, media updates, and updates with a strong writing component that gives insight to your character's life than just instagram updates every time, but we think what you put into the experience determines what you'll get out of it and it's not up to us to police that.

more than anything we care about people being active and establishing their characters through interactions with other members of the gpsl so we do want you to be around on the friends page. we won't be asking for proof of group activity but if two weeks pass and you haven't updated your friends list or made an effort to interact on the friends page you will be removed.